My Style

I call my style “corporate conversational.” Clients say I have the ability to make the complex easy to understand and exciting to read. My expertise lies in taking the complicated and bringing order, understanding and creativity to the written word.

Word wise and market wise.

I target the benefit, then target the target market. Speak to the consumer or business in language they “get.” Then, look for the completely unexpected in the midst of the completely familiar. And when it’s said and done, we all do a happy dance together.

Is she fast? Is she versatile? Has she won awards?

All three. Yes, I’m fast. In fact, clients have suggested I open a drive-thru headline/copy service. Clients drive up on one side. I spit out copy on the other.

As for versatility, I’ve written websites, magazine and newspaper ads, direct mail, billboards, bus cards, blogs, marketing/branding strategies, tag lines, sell sheets, radio, tv – you name it.

And yes, I’ve won awards. Two National Addy’s, a feature in Adweek’s “Best-of-Business-to-Business” advertising, while having work showcased several times in Adweek’s “Portfolio” and Advertising Age “Gallery.”



“Speak how you feel and write how you speak.”

~Edward Bulwer-Lyttton